Trios Squad 01 Game 1 to 3 has finished

Trios Squad 01 Game 1 to 3 has just finished with some exciting bowling and new record as well as a couple of 300 games. 300 game by Tommaso Radi from Italy 300 game by Laurynas Narusis from Lithuania And then the 3 game Trios record was broken and is now 2289 - It was

Trios Squad 01 Game 1 to 3 has finished2023-06-13T13:28:38+02:00

Doubles Medallists

Doubles event finished today. Congratulations to the medallists     Gold: Nicola Pongolini and Antonino Fiorentino, Italy (Coach: Massimo Brandolini) Silver: Jesper Svensson and James Blomgren, Sweden (Coach: Patrick Backe) Bronze: Tim Stampe and Dan Östergaard-Poulsen, Denmark (Coach: Michael Bai ) Bronze: Jord van Weeren and Marc Jacobs, Netherlands (Coach: Ron van Den Bogaard) Tomorrow

Doubles Medallists2023-06-12T16:51:53+02:00

New European record in Doubles

Today the first 2 squads of Doubles event has been played and in Squad 2, we had a new european record. Netherlands athletes, Jord van Weeren and Marc Jacobs made a stunnishing 568 in their 1st - Marc Jacobs even decided to make a perfect game. The old record from 1993 was 557 and was

New European record in Doubles2023-06-11T18:44:31+02:00

Singles Discipline

After the day with Official Practice and opening ceremony, we are getting ready for the championship to begin for REAL. Today we will have the Singles Squad 01 and Singles Squad 2 and then tomorrow Singles Squad 3 and then Semifinals and Finals and a medal ceremony.   It is gonna be exciting to watch

Singles Discipline2023-06-09T09:15:35+02:00

FAKE EBF Facebook page

There is a FAKE facebook page of EBF live at the moment, which you should NOT like or support at all.   Link to the FAKE facebook page:

FAKE EBF Facebook page2023-06-08T11:29:15+02:00

Length of pattern

Technical delegate and Kegel representative has decided that the length of the pattern will be 42 feet (+/- 1 feet) The pattern in use for the championship will be published at the team managers meeting.  

Length of pattern2023-03-22T10:41:45+01:00

Registration open

The website and registration for EMC 2023 is open and online :-)  

Registration open2023-03-22T10:40:53+01:00

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